Tax Planning

Tax planning is an ongoing process across the life-span of your organisation, from start-up, acquisition or incorporation, through the growth and consolidation stages to disposal. We aim to add value for you by helping you to:

  • build and protect the value of your business by reducing tax liabilities and increasing retained profits
  • efficiently extract that value, via ongoing remuneration planning for cash and asset extraction
  • realise that value on retirement or sale, and protecting it as it is passed on to the next generation

Our expertise is geared towards helping you identify opportunities to manage and enhance your personal and business wealth, designing wealth management strategies to:

  • maximise capital allowances on plant and machinery and buildings’ integral features
  • mitigate tax liabilities on ongoing operations and on exceptional transactions, and on asset sales, by the efficient use of tax reliefs
  • build business structures to maximise loss utilisation
  • develop and protect personal and family wealth, including complex estate structuring involving wills and trusts, to minimise Inheritance Tax exposure



Lyn Canning Hagan: Director

Joseph Brown: Associate Director

Paul O’Connor: Associate Director


Laura Neville, Assistant Manager


Christine Harrison: Senior Manager