TIAG alliances at work - Belfast and Singapore

Representatives from TIAG members Goldblatt McGuigan (GMcG Group) from Northern Ireland and Singapore practice Pinebridge LLP met for a general chat in Singapore on November 10th.

TIAG members meet - Belfast and Singapore

Goldblatt McGuigan Managing Partner Tony Nicholl was in Singapore in his role as CAI President and was delighted to have had an opportunity to meet up with fellow TIAG members from the region. The group discussed a range of common issues around the globe including audit exemption limits, recruitment, risk of group audits, money laundering, expectation gap and the need for diversification.
Pictured are Tony Nicholl with Neo, Vince, Steven and Kevin from Pinebridge LLP. The meeting took place at Marina Bay Sands shopping centre and Tony really appreciated the effort made by TIAG colleagues on their day off, with November 10th being the Festival of Lights public holiday.