TAG Alliances International Conference

GMcG’s TIAG liaison partners Jackie Smith and Lyn Canning Hagan represented the firm at the TAG Alliances International Conference in Barcelona on 3-5 May 2018.

GMcG's Lyn Canning Hagan on panel at TAG Alliances International Conference

The event was attended by member firms from around the world and presented a great opportunity to network and develop relationships with contacts old and new from the accounting (TIAG®) and legal (TAGLaw®) professions. These relationships provide distinct advantages for GMcG clients who are considering overseas markets or operations. Benefits include access to credible and reliable sources of expertise in those jurisdictions as well as shared resources, networks and collaboration opportunities.

The event included presentations and analysis from industry experts on a number of areas relevant to businesses across many global markets, including Blockchain and Tax reform. One of the sessions included GMcG’s Lyn Canning Hagan who was on the panel for an engaging discussion on Vision and Strategy.

Globally Connected, Locally Respected.

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GMcG TIAG liaison Partners Jackie Smith & Lyn Canning Hagan