Final phase of office branding - GMcG Belfast, GMcG Portadown & GMcG Lisburn

GMcG welcomes in a new era as its Goldblatt McGuigan, Robinson & Co and Hanna Thompson offices become known as GMcG Belfast, GMcG Portadown and GMcG Lisburn. The changes came into effect on May 1st when all communications, signage and telephone greetings were amended to reflect this update to the firm’s brand identity.


Goldblatt McGuigan acquired Robinson and Company in 2006 followed by Hanna Thompson in 2009, and while all aspects of the businesses were quickly integrated with the parent company, both have operated under their original names until now.

This final phase in the GMcG rebrand is an important and positive development, defined by a marketplace where trading conditions and the needs of clients continue to evolve.  

“It was important that both offices retained their own identity in the initial stages of the mergers, but the time is now right to rebrand. A common approach to how we offer our services ensures GMcG’s full range of services and expertise are accessible to all clients and across all industry sectors,” said Tony Nicholl, GMcG Managing Partner.

Resource is already shared across all three locations with personnel regularly sharing their expertise with other offices. The offices are situated so as to give GMcG a good geographical spread across Northern Ireland, a reach which is furthered as a result of the firm’s membership of TIAG, a global alliance of independent accounting firms.

Tony added: “We have a long and proud history of delivering professional services and we aim to build on this legacy as a progressive and forward thinking firm under the new GMcG branding. We trust our clients and contacts will also see this as a positive development“.

All three of GMcG’s offices are continuing to grow with ongoing focus on recruitment of staff of the highest calibre and on developing the firm’s service offerings to ensure clients receive quality advice and a standard of service that is second to none. The new branding is a significant development for all staff, with all new stationery and signage in place.  However, no aspect of client service will be affected by this update to firm's brand, as clients will continue to receive the highest possible standard of service and advice. Tony Nicholl explains:

"Our aim is to ensure our clients continue to have full access to the range of specialist services we offer across all offices.  This is an important aspect of the GMcG amalgamation and one which enables us to really make a difference when it comes to providing advice that adds value.”

GMcG Belfast, GMcG Portadown, GMcG Lisburn