We are a growing, vibrant and dynamic organisation. If this sounds like your type of practice then you’ve reached the right site!

We are regularly on the look out for experienced professionals and new graduates who are hungry for a challenging and rewarding career. At GMcG Chartered Accountants, new graduates will benefit from training contracts that will provide structured internal and external training and hands on experience that is second to none. The result? That’s up to you! Are you good enough to make the grade in a modern, outward looking and rapidly growing practice?

We strive to maintain our standing among the province’s leading business advisers by emphasising a strong culture of integrity and professionalism. We further recognise that our talented staff are entirely crucial to our continued success, and adopt a people-oriented approach to encourage staff to achieve their full potential.

At GMcG you will have access to a wide range of resources to assist your personal development. The Directors will make every endeavour to support your specific training requirements, whether these are technical in nature or whether you wish to enhance your management or personal skills.

Career progression opportunities are not just encouraged, they are actively managed. We are a dynamic, fast moving practice. We welcome and promote change and with change comes opportunity. At GMcG there is no limit to how far you can develop and progress.